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Casa di carità

Casa di carità arti e mestieri is a non-profit vocational training center.

It plans, coordinates and conducts research, guidance, education and training, updating and support to work. It has 27 schools in Italy It provides guidance and training to over 6000 students (adults and minors) each year: teenagers, apprentices, graduates, workers, migrants, young people at risk, men and women in situations of social disadvantage, people with justice problems. Of the 6.000 beneficiaries, about 20% are migrants. Especially in recent years, one of the themes developed through local and European projects were as follows:

  • Social promotion of the immigrant
  • Training and certification of skills of Italian as L2 (levels A1 to C1) and citizenship skills
  • Vocational training of immigrants with high levels of professionalism
  • Delivery of services to work even specific to migrants
  • Measures to prevent and combat racial discrimination
  • Actions of information and awareness in the human rights
  • Actions of intercultural education for the public and private sector

Casa di Carità operates with public funding (national, local and European) and on order of companies, associations, public administrations. It makes use of a plurality of collaborations:

  • Employees: 300 employees (executives, teachers, researchers, administrative staff)
  • External staff: in cases which require a specific technical expertise (about 700 experts each year)

Casa di Carità operates under a Quality Management System certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Since 2004, the Agency is entered in the first section of the Register of organizations and associations which carry out activities in favour of immigrants from the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Since 2008, the House of Charity has an agreement with the University for Foreigners of Siena for the Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language and the Turin Centre course Brin is home to CILS exams. Since 2004 Casa di Carità is included in the list of associations qualified to support of the victims of racial discrimination, managed by UNAR - National Office against Racial Discrimination (Department of Equal Opportunities). Casa di Carità since 20 years works with young people at risk, with a special attention on the protection of diversity and equal opportunities. In particular, Casa di Carità developed an expertise in training public and private operators about: intercultural education, protection of diversity, combating stereotypes and discriminations.