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Greta du Velay

The Greta du Velay is a public training organisation gathering 21 educational institutions located in the South East of the Auvergne region, under the wing of the Ministry of Education. Certified ISO 9001, it exists since 1975 and currently employs 4 training advisers and 40 trainers. The Greta trains disadvantaged groups towards social and professional inclusion, mainly unemployed, migrants and persons with disabilities. It is also supporting small and medium organisations in their learning processes: detection of training needs, delivery of training, evaluation and follow up. It provides courses in various areas such as hospitality, health and care, languages, French as a foreign language, management, industry. The Greta is actively involved in encouraging the participation of migrants in French society. It provides language and integration courses. It has produced strategies, references and training material (e.g.,, organised conferences (e.g. "Intercultural dialogue", "Migrants and IT"), videos and debates (e.g. "From management to migration").